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Lydia Chan

Son-mat is a Korean word meaning “hand taste". That's the distinct flavour in all of set designer Lydia Chan's work. Chan started making things from a very young age, as a solution for not being able to purchase the things that she wanted. Anytime she saw something that she liked she would think of ways to make her own version of it. In the process of making these things for herself, Chan picked up all sorts of making techniques. Jack of all trades but a master of none.

Making is kind of funny thing, like a negotiation between the material and your hands. Sometimes if you give the material more freedom it results in curated chaos, beauty with error, a mirror to humanity at it's most desirable. So they say that son-mat is the inimitable flavour of home, of mother. The handmade is where Lydia Chan finds her beauty.

Acne Paper, Heaven by Marc Jacobs and JW Anderson @lydiaaachan
Lydia Chan Set + Spatial Design